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The Buzău Mountains are located in the north of Buzău County, part of the Carpathians of Curvature, and are consisted five massifs: Penteleu, Podu Calului, Siriu, Monteoru and Ivanetu.

-The Penteleu massif is delimited by the Bâsca Mica and Bâsca Mare Valleys is the largest massif, having also highest altitude of the Buzau Mountains -1772 m.
- Located between Bâsca Mare and Buzău, strongly split up by water which bores it, Podu Calului seems three massif : Podu Calului, Tehărău si Hartagul, altitudine max. 1440 m.
-Between water of Buzău , Siriu and Crasna - the Siriu Massif with the two tops is: Mălâia 1663 m. and Bocârnea 1657 m. separated by Poarta Vânturilor (the Door of the Winds). In the east of the Mălâia slope to the altitude of 1420 m., is the lake of Vultures.
- the southernmost part of the mounts of Buzău is formed of the Monteoru and the Ivanetu massifs having altitude max. 1345 m., respectively 1191 m.
Is situated in a picturesque area of the Podu Calului Massif. Sights: the Pruncea Cascade, the Siriu Dam, the Lake of Vultures Nature Reserve geological model which has almost 30 ha., being trained by the eruptions of gas from the earth, leading to the surface of the mud and water
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