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Located on trunk road DN 10 Buzău - Brasov with half way enters the two chiefs towns (80 km). It is the locality from where one can leave for the solid masses Podu Calului, Siriu and Monteoru, it is from here also shortest traject starts towards the Penteleu top while following in the first part the technological way of the stopping Ciresu - Surduc (the valley Basca Mare).
  • Representative for the locality:
    -The Siriu Dam -built of rocks , holding a 11,5 km. long lake, with a volume of 155 milion cubic meters. In order to built the dam , a section of the DN 10 road had to be moved, with this occasion more bridges and viaducts were built. The Giurca viaduct is 276 m. long on 46 m. hight piers, and Gramatic viaduct penetrates the rock of the mountain side with the same name, giving the feeling of a suspended bridge. 

    Folkloric festivals:
    "Cât e Siriul de mare ", denomination given according to the title of the popular song of music of the famous interpreter Benone Sinulescu, originating in Siriu) - takes place in first Sunday after the Assumption at the edge of the lake Siriu.


       Located at the foot of the mountains of Buzău, with a surface of 112,75 town of Nehoiu has almost 13 thousand inhabitants. From here one can climb all the five solid masses, nearest being that to Monteoru; The highest altitudes are recorded at the tops Monteoru 1345 m., Răstoaca 1294 m. and Cătiasu 1014 m.

  • Representative for the locality:
       the only city of the Buzău mountains, the seats are principal institutions and commercial companies represented in the area.
    It is one of the oldest centers of explotation and of shaping of the wood of our country and that principal activity of the zone remains

      SIRIU   NEHOIU    The GURA TEGHII locality   COLTI

       Along the river of Bâsca until the junction of two water Bâsca Mică and Bâsca Mare the villages are dispersed --ce qui-- makes it possible to penetrate in the solid masses Podu Calului, Penteleu and Ivanetu.
  • Representative for the locality:
       is the locality where the traditional habits, songs and dances were well observed thanks to people who like the folklor and with his isolated geographic position.
  • Folkloric festivals:
    "Pe urme de balada (On the traces of ballade)", in last Sunday of May.

      SIRIU     NEHOIU     GURA TEGHII         The COLTI locality

      The passage from the mountainous to the subcarpathian area with the Ivanet massif to the north and the south Pătârlagele depression is the place where nature has made landscapes that delight your eyes.
  • Representative for the locality:
    The amber museum Between the village of Landed it common of Collti and the village of Nucu it common of Bozioru are "the rupestral habitats" - serious lodgings in the stone, used formerly like worship and places of refuge.  
  • Folkloric festivals:
    -"Floare de Colti" in second Sunday of July.
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