3. The Occidental Carpathians

DN 75 Turda-Câmpeni-Vascau

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Poarta Zmeilor
Locality: Sălciua
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Vila Ioana et Geoge

Locality: Albac

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Mama Uta
Locality: Gârda de Sus
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Pensiunea Bazna
Locality: Bazna
In the heart of Transylvania this pension is a popular destination for guests from near and far. Watering and climatic place is well known in our country and also in abroad for the iodated and brome water baths. This area is recommended for degenerative rheumatic affections treatment, for extra articulation rheumatism, post-traumatically affections, nervous system illness, gynecological affections and nevrosis. The treatment places nearly the Bazna spa assure optimal conditions for healthiness and illness occur.
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