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Stop! The Muddy Volcanoes
For a few years not be turned aside from a straight road, we have signs and asphalted road.
Pâclele Mari (Big Mists) --coordinates 45°20'23"N, 26°42'33"E Pâclele Mici (Small Mists), coordinates 45°21'30"N, 26°42'46"E.
 The Muddy Volcanoes to Pâclele Mici
About The Muddy Volcanoes from Berca, Buzău County      Nature Reserve geological model which has almost 30 ha., Muddy Volcanoes are in the Subcarpates of Curvature, Berca, the department Buzău, being trained by the eruptions of gas from the earth, leading to the surface of the mud and water. Known in the region under the name"Mists", Muddy Volcanoes have the same structure as the real volcanoes, occurring in similar processes. In other words it is in miniature volcano cones which do not exceed 5 to 6 m in height, and depth of where the lava flows are much smaller. Finally it is the same result-an area barren and spectacular at the same time.
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Details itinery and Map We start to Buzău on route nationale DN 10 runs on some 17 km. until at Sătuc then turn right on to Berca. After crossing the Buzău river,then turn left and after a few hundred metres turn right along the indicateure to Chiliile. It covers almost 10 Km junction, it turns right and goes on to the 5.5 km Muddy Volcanoes . The latest indicator is 2 km volcanoes. From here you can turn left from a bridge and arriving at the Pâclele Mari (Great mists), or you can roll straight, we park the car at the store and then can climb up the hill Pâclele Mici (Small Fogs). The route is well marked. Map
The Muddy Volcanoes-landscape The Muddy Volcanoes - water and sludge The Muddy Volcanoes - crater
Arrives the Volcanoes, we can welcome the beautiful scenery as children, aware of a crater to the other, sliding on the mud flat. By mounting a crater there listen to the bubbling of the depth or you can descend the valleys created by the flow of water and mud.
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    The road DN 10 Buzău-Brasov - Tourist attractions
The massive Siriu with the two summits: Mălâia 1663 m. and Bocârnea 1657 m. separated by Poarta Vânturilor (Porte des Vents). In eastern slope Mălâia at an altitude of 1420 m. Lake of Vultures. The dam built Siriu of barren rock and clay has led to the formation of a lake with a length of 11.5 km. and a volume of 155 million cubic meter water Romania-the mountains of Buzău-description, locations of access, hiking trails located on the road DN10, County of Buzău. Nearby: the Cascade Pruncea, Siriu Dam, Lake Vultures
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Lacul Vulturilor Barajul Siriu Muntii Buzaului Vila 14 Scaune
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