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    Lost among the hills of the Carpathian Prahova Prahova Slanic resort is famous because of the therapeutic virtues of the salty lakes called "Bath - Baia"(Baia Baciului, Baia Verde, Baia Rosie) and famous salt mines deep "Unirea" The Great Salt Lake "Baia Baciului" is best fitted: restaurant, hot showers, trampolines for jumped into the water. The lake is fed by spring water flowing from Bride's Cave (photo left) As the Baia Verde find three small salt lakes around which turned into a campsite (photo below)

    The saltworks "Unirea" - becomes Landmark since 1970, provides a microclimate naturally rich in aerosols, with effective in treating respiratory diseases. It consists of rooms with trapezoidal opening with dimensions:
It consists of rooms with trapezoidal opening with dimensions: ceiling of 10 m., based on 32m. and a height of 54 m. Level difference between the surface and the hearth mine is through lifts cradle and is 208 m., indoor maintaining a constant temperature of 12 degrees C regardless of season. In mine discovered works of monumental sculpture themed country's history, collections of salt and amber (from hand-county Colti. Buzau), and other necessary utilities for spending time pleasantly (soccer field, playground for children, buffet, etc.).

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