Map - national road DN 13 Brasov-Sighisoara-Tg.Mures
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Romania destinations - Trips ideas, routes, itineraries: national road DN 13 Brasov-Tg.Mures 168 km

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County capital cities of the route: Brasov, Tg.Mureş;
The DN 13 route starts from the Brasov Depression, crossing the Persani mountains and the Pădurea Bogată (the Rich Forest) nature reserve by Bogata Pass 620 m. At about 62 km from Brasov city meets Rupea city guarded by the ruins of the fortress Rupea still spectacular on the Cohalm hill. The villages of this area to find fortified churches, to Homorod, Fiser, Bunesti and Viscri now famous that attracted to Prince Charles himself. The road continues through the Subcarpathians hills penetrating the Tarnave plateau up to town of Sighisoara , known for well-preserved medieval stronghold. After about 51 km reach the county seat town, on the left bank of the Mureş - Tg. Mureş, where 13 national road ends after a journey of 168 km.
Tourist attractions, events

the Pădurea Bogată Nature Reserve
Rupea stronghold Rupea
Fortified churches to Homorod, Fiser, Bunesti-Viscri
Medieval stronghold, Clock Tower - Sighisoara
Medieval stronghold. Inside the fortress are hosted throughout the year various events: the Târgu Mureş Days, Beer Festival, Wine Festival and must, Children's Town, and others.
Cornesti plateau offering views over the city and Mures river valley, here is Zoo, the second largest in the country.
Mureş County Museum, Museum of Ethnography and Popular Art, Museum of Natural Sciences.
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Viscri - Casa Printului de Wales
Târgu Mures
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